going reform measures have made its financial market increasingly appealing to overse as investors,” the administration said on Monday in a statement on its website. “The administration will continue to support the opening-up of financ ial markets, meet demand from overseas investors to expand investment in the ma rkets andRead More →

hina will undertake key measures to further integrate the country’s rural and urban areas and encourage the transfer and free flow of people and resources throughout the nation. Measures include relaxing hukou (household registration) barri ers, reforming zoning regulations for rural and residential land, marketing collective land in rural areasRead More →

ization reforms and enhance communication with member countries and regions to deal with trade issues. That will stre ngthen the WTO and jointly maintain free trade and the multilateral trade system, he said.a Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition welcomed its first tourist peak by serv ing more than 320,000 tourists duringRead More →

ures are consistent with the top-line measured GDP growth number. For example, production and supply of electricity, thermal power, gas and water increased by 7.1 percent in the quarter. Pl us, value-added index of transport, storage and post increased by 7.3 percent. A closer look at the highest growth sectorsRead More →