On Tuesday, the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeal upheld the original verdict in a patent l awsuit between Apple and Virnetx, the intellectual property licensing company. Virnetx won the lawsuit and Apple lost. The patent involved amounted to $440 million, including interest, increased damages and other costs, Reuters reported.Read More →

Wang Xin, founder of Cloud Song Intelligence, set up a new business after his release from prison. This morning, the first product officially launched. It is a social software called toilet MT, which mainly calls for anonymous chat. According to official accounts, the toilet MT is a dark network ofRead More →

Tencent Sports News Beijing time January 12, 2019 CBA All-Star Weekend first competition day, in Qingdao Guoxin Sports Center. In the preliminaries of the dunk contest, there was a shocking scene. At that time, the preliminary dunk contest was in progress, but there was a riot in the back ofRead More →

On December 16, Wayne Rooney, a famous English football star, was arrested on charges of drunkenness in public and detained in Lawton County Adult Detention Center in Lisburg, Virginia, before being released on personal guarantee. The Metropolitan Airport Authority (MWAA) in Washington, which operates Reagan National Airport and Dulles InternationalRead More →

  According to the information on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Micronesia, the Chinese Embassy in Micronesia received information from relevant parties about 2 a.m. local time on January 3.   The Eurasian Leng 6 fishing vessel of Ningbo Eurasian Ocean Fisheries Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang Province ran aground inRead More →

Boy was not the worst of the things that Jon Snow had been called since being chosen lord commander. He ignored it. “Snow,” the voice insisted, “Lord Commander.” This time he stopped. “Ser?” The knight overtopped him by six inches. “A man who bears Valyrian steel should use it forRead More →