tions at the Brussels summit, has pledged to intensify discussions on the rules concerning in dustrial subsidies, a priority for the WTO reform for the EU. This is being seen as a breakthrough by the EU side. In fact, almost all countries provide subsidies for domestic companies in certain sectors,Read More →

the foreign investment law, a landmark legislation that will provide stronger protection a nd a better business environment for overseas investors. The law will become effective on Jan 1, 2020. Artificial intelligence will bring about changes as fundamental as t hose enabled by electrification, argues Li Kaifu, Chinese artificial intelligenceRead More →

percent encountered illegal or bad information, the report said. And 69.1 percent know how to protect their rights and interests through the internet and report infringements. According to the report, 91.9 percent learn relative legal knowledge through offline means, and 72.3 percent learn legal knowledge through the internet. The reportRead More →

edge technology, is of great importance to China in terms of safety, efficiency, services and the development of industries. “China is paying great attention to the development of this technology. Our principle is to encourage trials, allow failures, ensure safety and oppose monopolies,” he said. Autonomous driving, although a newRead More →

India’s tax system, upgrade its bankruptcy laws and relax restrictions on foreign investment. The country witnessed a 23-place jump to a record 77th p osition in the World Bank’s latest report on the ease of doing business, which covered 190 countries and regions. Fa cts have proved that India’s economicRead More →

  BEIJING — Seven out of 10 fugitives bearing class-A wanted orders had been caught by the end of January, the Ministry of Public Security said over the weekend.   The 10 wanted orders, all targeting suspects of major economic crimes, were issued on Jan 11.   Among the seven detained, two turnedRead More →

  Tick off response “guangzhou passengers were owners cut finger:” owner get banned   Travel released on January 29, tick “about guangzhou passengers take tick off by the owner cut finger case”, curre ntly involved owners platform has been permanently banned account.Passengers to January 27th, Mr Zhan g (not his real name)Read More →