The latest report by International Monetary Fund (IMF) conclude 上海419d that the exchange rate of the Chinese yuan was “broadly in line with medium-term f undamentals”, and the Chinese monetary authority barely intervened in the foreign exchange market.上海419 The report, released late Friday in Washington, was a blow to theRead More →

hina will not revise its foreign exchange policies, as the United States labeling it “a currency manipulator” is unre  上海419品茶微信asonable and unlikely to get support from multilateral mechanisms, according to Chinese officials and analysts. Based on available facts and evidence, it is unlikely that the International Monetary Fund — theRead More →

. CHINA DAILTheir act constitutes a violation of the National Fla g and National Emblem Ordinance in Hong Kong, and a blatant affront to the n 上海419品茶微信ational dignity and the principle of “one country, two systems”, the spokesperson said.It also hurt the feelings of the Chine se people, including theRead More →

President Xi Jinping meets with foreign leaders invited to multinational naval events ma 上海419品茶微信rking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy in Qingdao, East China’s Shandong province, on Ap Forces asked to prioritize work related to troops’ combat readiness, welfare President Xi Jinping urged the Chinese militaryRead More →

lor degree programs and full-time junior college diploma p 上海419rograms in 2018 was 16.97 million and 11.33 million respectively. China has issued an action plan on the prevention and treatm ent of pneumoconiosis, vowing to fulfill the plan’s targets by the end of 2020.上海419品茶微信 Pneumoconiosis, a class of lung diseasesRead More →

President Xi Jinping called on Wednesday for better a 上海419ssumption of responsibilities and zero complacency in deepening reform to break through block ades of vested interests and institutional ailments hindering development. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Cen tral Committee and chairman of the Central MilitaryRead More →

hina will intensify efforts to make its hog farming sector safer and ensure stable supplies after the industry has 上海419been seriously affected by African swine fever outbreaks, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Thursday. “We will place equal importance on disease prevention and control and on porkRead More →

An increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises are stepping outside of 上海419女神会所their own countries and regions to reach global markets with the help of an imp ortant annual fair in Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong province. The China International SME Fair – which has focused on establishing aRead More →

OSAKA, Japan- Chinese President Xi Jinping met with German Chancellor Angela Me上海419 rkel here Friday, with both sides calling for upholding multilateralism.Dur ing a meeting on the sidelines of a summit of the Group of 20 major economies i上海419 n the Japanese city of Osaka, the two leanping shakes handsRead More →