Piraeus Port is the largest port in Greece. On Aug 10, 2016, COSCO Shipping (Hong Kong) Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China COSC O Shipping Group, became a controlling shareholder of the port and started operating the facility. Around 290 million euros are expected to be invested by the companyRead More →

 to force foreign companies to transfer their technology,” Gao added, sayi ng that the country’s Foreign Investment Law bars forced technology transfers. The newly passed law, approved this month and set to take effect in January, stipulates that China will treat foreign and Chi nese enterprises equally and protect theirRead More →

Italian side, respect each other’s major concerns, jointly build the Belt and Road, explore cooperation with third parties, boost cultural exchanges and local-level cooperation, and strengthen popular support for bilateral relations, Xi said. The Chinese president stressed that in recent years, China’s National People’s Con gress and the Italian SenateRead More →

in recent years, but also has exported technology. Such exports are taking place despite some countries setting up trade barriers and resorti ng to trade protectionism, posing a challenge to traditional trade practices, Tang said. Wang Dujuan, an NPC deputy and general engineer of China R ailway Engineering Equipment GroupRead More →

The monetary authority has rolled out a series of policies in recent mont hs to ensure adequate liquidity in the financial sector and accelerated loan issuance to co mpanies. The measures include a new lending facility, called the targeted medium-term lending facility, which was in troduced in December to encourageRead More →