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led by Asia and Pacific Department Deputy Director Kenneth Kang, summarized that “China can play an impor tant role and would benefit from further opening up and other structural reforms that enhance competition.” The previously issued policy is sufficient to stabilize growth by 2020, despite the rec ent US tariffRead More →

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The United States should take responsibility for the setback in economic and tra de consultations with China, a government white paper said, warning that “red lines” cannot be crossed. The US government has backtracked on its commitments three times in the trade negotiations with China and should bear sole responsibilityRead More →

First, China has undisputable sovereignty over islands and their surrounding waters in the South China Sea, backed by a wealth of historical and legal basis,” Shao said. For a long period of time, various nations’ normal passage and flight in the region have never been obstructed. “There i s noRead More →

Three officials in Wuxi, East China’s Jiangsu province, have been gi ven Party and administrative punishments on Thursday over an inappropriate question about whether kindergarten children were involved in gangs, the local government said on its official Wechat account. According to the government of Wuxi’s Xishan district, Feng Dongyan, directorRead More →

 China, with related hashtags getting more than 150 million views on Weibo. Eunice Yoon, Beijing bureau chief and Inside China host at CNBC Interna tional, tweeted to Regan that 120 million people viewed a Chinese hashtag that she tran slated to: “Fox News female anchor challenges debate after being accusedRead More →