On the morning of January 6, the Zhangqiu Chengguan Police Station in Jinan, Shandong Province, received the alarm from the people in its jurisdiction. Five or six young people in embroidery Hui Dajie swaggered through the market in Japanese military uniforms, causing strong dissatisfaction among the masses. After receiving theRead More →

Beijing time February 27 19:30, 2017-18 season Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League semi-final third round of a focus game officially began. The Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team hosted Liaoning Women’s Volleyball Team. Finally, after three rounds of fierce battle, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team won by 3-0. The scores of three gamesRead More →

Wang Wei A MESSAGE FROM MY LODGE AT WANGCHUAN TO PEI DI The mountains are cold and blue now And the autumn waters have run all day. By my thatch door, leaning on my staff, I listen to cicadas in the evening wind. Sunset lingers at the ferry, Supper-smoke floatsRead More →