The National Football Training Team is conducting overseas training in Marbella, Spain. The main task of the tea m at this stage is to substitute competition for training. In the morning of Beijing time, Real Madrid officially an nounced that the National Football Training Team will conduct a two-day trainingRead More →

  Zhenhua trilogy: “hello old days”, “born like the orange of huainan” and “best we”;But rec ently the born like the orange of huainan in the 3 point, nangang campus school students post directly to each ot her on the Internet without quality, and disrupt the normal school students, and castRead More →

Chen Kun is a very sensitive, delicate, high-performance, showing a unique melancholy temperament. Even playing the soft role of “Yuhua Tian” can surprise many girls. Recently, when Chen Kun participated in an event, fans and passers-by all knew that Chen Kun would appear. Everyone was surrounded by three layers ofRead More →