End of the men’s singles semi-finals, the international table tennis federation tour after men’s singles four ping 4 contestants are all countries do, so that two games is the ping of the civil war, the first semi-final, Wang Chuqin and FanZhenDong bitter seven innings, the 18-ye ar-old teenager ended upRead More →

  All over the country provinces economy transcript with this year’s economic growth targets the exception.At 18, a total of Tibet, Beijing, tianjin, hebei and other 13 provinces disclose the goal expecte d GDP growth in 2019.Among them, tianjin, heilongjiang, jiangsu, anhui and other places have cut.   Source: the new fabricRead More →

  Zhenhua trilogy: “hello old days”, “born like the orange of huainan” and “best we”;But rec ently the born like the orange of huainan in the 3 point, nangang campus school students post directly to each ot her on the Internet without quality, and disrupt the normal school students, and castRead More →

  Today, the microblogging hot search several are associated with super wu.So far, the supe r wu company, super wu wife, Chen Yulin successively to parents, only super wu itself still remain silent.Small m ake up everyone to clean down the progress of the whole thing, and talk about small makeRead More →

  All know circle artists get ‘well, the more popular, the higher the income, so there are luxury cars is also normal, but often have some inadvertently exposed the star performer of a person of extraordinary powers curtilage interior,   Costly degree or surprise netizens, hins mansion recently let many net friendRead More →

Beijing, Jan. 18 (xinhua)According to the Philippines, the business daily reported a Chinese tourists 16 in boracay drowned, companion believe that he is a heart attack. File photo: the Philippines boracay.China news agency reporters GuanXiangDong perturbation According to reports, police, according to a preliminary investigation when 23-year-old liu ran snorkeling,Read More →

Estefania Pereira, a famous Colombian model actress, bravely told the truth about her private life in IG recently. She was beaten up by her cohabiting boyfriend’s family. Seeing blood is a common practice. She has lived like an inhumane life for two years, according to Taiwan media reports. Pereira recentlyRead More →

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 17 (Reporter Zhao Manjun) Irish fast food chain Super Mac Co. said on January 15 that the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EU Intellectual Property Office) ruled to revoke the trademark of “Big Mac” registered by McDonald’s in the EU, which lost the exclusive rightRead More →

On Tuesday, the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeal upheld the original verdict in a patent l awsuit between Apple and Virnetx, the intellectual property licensing company. Virnetx won the lawsuit and Apple lost. The patent involved amounted to $440 million, including interest, increased damages and other costs, Reuters reported.Read More →

Tencent responded to the blockade query. Why did Tencent block three new social apps? On the 15th, three new social software were re leased, namely Wang Xin’s toilet MT, today’s headline Duosheng, Luo Mou’s chat treasure, but all of them were blocked by Wechat. Ma Huateng clearly opposed negative energyRead More →