country in very-long-baseline interferometry, the technique the telescope array used for the black hole image, took the lead in organizing and coordinating Chinese researchers particip ation in the EHT observations and studies, Shen said. That allowed Shanghai to b e one of the six cities worldwide involved in the simultaneousRead More →

tions at the Brussels summit, has pledged to intensify discussions on the rules concerning in dustrial subsidies, a priority for the WTO reform for the EU. This is being seen as a breakthrough by the EU side. In fact, almost all countries provide subsidies for domestic companies in certain sectors,Read More →

conomy and Informatization, the trade-in program targets the 603,000 vehicles complying with State-III emissions standards or below in this city. Shanghai also encourages owners of public service vehicles — such as buses, sanitation vehi cles, postal cars, taxis and light logistics vehicles — to replace their current vehicles with electricRead More →

orities have responded to the slowdown in 2018 by limiting the e xtent of financial regulatory tightening, injecting liquidity through cu ts in the reserve requirement ratio, and reducing personal income taxes and corporate value-added taxes. The overall outlook for emerging Asian economies rem ains favorable, with China’s growth projectedRead More →

President outlines goals for improving, protecting country’s natural heritage President Xi Jinping has called for mobilization at the national level and joint particip ation from the whole of society to move forward with large-scale campaigns to make the homeland greener. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of ChinaRead More →