Wang Xin, founder of Cloud Song Intelligence, set up a new business after his release from prison. This morning, the first product officially launched. It is a social software called toilet MT, which mainly calls for anonymous chat. According to official accounts, the toilet MT is a dark network ofRead More →

Tencent Sports News Beijing time January 12, 2019 CBA All-Star Weekend first competition day, in Qingdao Guoxin Sports Center. In the preliminaries of the dunk contest, there was a shocking scene. At that time, the preliminary dunk contest was in progress, but there was a riot in the back ofRead More →

In fact, this is Shen Xixi’s second recent complaint against Zhao Zaifan. In December 2018, Shen Xixi appeared in court to testify that Zhao Zaifan beat himself and three other players between 2011 and January 2018. Zhao Zaifan was sentenced to 10 months’imprisonment at first instance on suspicion of violence.Read More →

On the morning of January 6, the Zhangqiu Chengguan Police Station in Jinan, Shandong Province, received the alarm from the people in its jurisdiction. Five or six young people in embroidery Hui Dajie swaggered through the market in Japanese military uniforms, causing strong dissatisfaction among the masses. After receiving theRead More →