Du Fu A SONG OF A PAINTING TO GENERAL CAO O General, descended from Wei’s Emperor Wu, You are nobler now than when a noble…. Conquerors and their velour perish, But masters of beauty live forever. …With your brush-work learned from Lady Wei And second only to Wang Xizhi’s, FaithfulRead More →

Du Fu A DRAWING OF A HORSE BY GENERAL CAO AT SECRETARY WEI FENG’S HOUSE Throughout this dynasty no one had painted horses Like the master-spirit, Prince Jiangdu — And then to General Cao through his thirty years of fame The world’s gaze turned, for royal steeds. He painted theRead More →

Wei Yingwu SETTING SAIL ON THE YANGZI TO SECRETARY YUAN Wistful, away from my friends and kin, Through mist and fog I float and float With the sail that bears me toward Loyang. In Yangzhou trees linger bell-notes of evening, Marking the day and the place of our parting…. WhenRead More →

Yuan Jie TO THE TAX-COLLECTORS AFTER THE BA NDITS RETREAT In the year Kuimao the bandits from Xiyuan entered Daozhou, set fire, raided, killed, and looted. The whole district was almost ruined. The next year the bandits came again and, attacking the neighbouring prefecture, Yong, passed this one by. ItRead More →