Suddenly a voice said, “Why do you not accompany the Prime Minister, General, instead of standing here and sighing?” It was Wang Yun. “I have been confined to the house by illness these few days,” continued he, “so I have not seen you. But I had to struggle out todayRead More →

“Suppose I send you to him,” said Dong Zhuo. Stunned, she pleaded with tears, “What have thy handmaid done? My honor of serving only Your Highness could not bear being given to a mere underling! Never! I would rather die.”   And with this she snatched down a dagger hanging onRead More →

“How dare I expect this?” said Dong Zhuo.   “From the days of old, those who walk in the way have replaced those who deviate therefrom; those who lack virtue have fallen before those who possess it. Can one escape fate?”   “If indeed the decree of Heaven devolves on me, youRead More →