On December 23, Jia Nailiang issued a lawyer’s statement on the illegal tracking, photographing and spreading rumors about Jia Nailiang. He said that “Jia Nailiang took two beautiful girls home for”night chat”and other contents were maliciously interpreted, which seriously interfered with his normal life and work. The above contents wereRead More →

I believe you all know, Liu Qiangdong suspected of   sexual assault case was closed, Liu Qiangdong declared innocent! China Women’s Daily commented on this matter, emphasizing that there is morality behind the law! Indeed, the rights and interests of sisters of milk tea have been violated. In the earlyRead More →

Question: The media and businesses malicious hype today (December 20) from the media published a “Big Fraud: 200,000 cochlear missing brush friends circle?” The media and businessmen hype and abuse goodwill! There are three doubts about the loss of cochlea. The self-Media article raises three questions: First, if the cochleaRead More →

Across Hong Kong’s Deepwater Gold Market, banknotes suddenly fell from the sky on Saturday afternoon, with crowds surging and voices bubbling. When the police arrived at the scene, they immediately blocked the road, forbidden passers-by to “collect money” and boarded the rooftop of the building for investigation. Banknotes fall fromRead More →